Wednesday, June 20, 2007


So I finally sent my application in to take my national massage exam. This test will make me nationally licenced...yeah I know it's about time. It will take 3 weeks for the application to process and once I am approved to take the test I have 3 months to take it...but I plan on taking it in early September. I guess I need to hit to books. Yeah I realized that I probably need to focus on my career now...a free spirit isn't so cute at 30...I know I have a couple more years until I hit 30 but it's coming up...and I better figure something out by then. Wish me all know how I can be when it's time to getting working. -eugie
OH MY we are in Trouble NOW!!!

Gotta Love Him

Here's Joshua and Eugie at the Tour Of California...he would be a good looking cyclist

I'll Stop doing this when I get a Job

Myscout - Pappa
I warned you two...if you disobey...
Eugie trying to finish the 1/2 ironman...didn't happen

I can't help myself

We Really Need to start Hanging out with Dad more...he needs friends....
Thanks Josh for snapping him out of it...slugs aren't friends
Cute Grandkids

Family Pixs

Trampoline Fun
Let's Hear if for all the Ladies
He's going to eliminate Mike one day so he can have Mommy all by himself

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Dad's New Milestone

Yesterday, I broke my previous running record of 8 miles in 1 hr 29 minutes by running 10 miles in 1 hr 43 minutes, approximately (my stopwatch broke the last 3 miles, so I had to guesstimate the time based on the previous miles). I didn’t start out with the idea of running the 10 miles but after the 5th mile, I wasn’t totally wasted, so I decide to do another mile, then another, and another, until I completed the 10th mile. It was a little strange being the only one in park the last 2-3 miles, but it sure felt good to pass my old record. I noticed that my breathing was good to go for a lot more miles but my legs and especially my hip were whining a lot. Rather than risk injury I decided 10 was enough. My hip is still whining but not as loudly any more.
What surprised me a lot was how dehydrated I had become. It wasn’t too hot yesterday, around 75F, so I drank a cup or two of water before I began running and a few gulps every mile or so at the fountain in the park, including dousing my shirt with water to help keep me cool. I become somewhat concerned when it seemed I had stopped sweating about the 7th mile. So I drank a lot more and continued since I didn’t feel too bad. By the time I finished, I felt like a limp noodle, but I continued to drink lots of wafer. Evidently, it wasn’t enough as I noticed I didn’t have to pee until later that evening and when I did, it was orange. I guess my take-away message from this experience is to drink a lot more fluids before and during running. Any good suggestions on staying hydrated during long runs? - Dad

Where the Crazy Begins

The King and Queen of Crazy....You Gotta to Love 'em!

Here are some Pictures


Nannie - Myshell


Myshell - Todd
Eugie at the Pescadero Lighthouse
Eugie - Papa - Todd - Mom - JoWann
Mashew - Myshell


Josh and Timmy getting their Josh and Timmy thang on
Matt - Todd -Mom

Welcome Family and Friends

Hello Everyone! This Blog is for everyone to post on...please share stories and pictures of your families. Since we are all separated this is a great way to keep in touch...well I guess Seth and I are the only ones outside of the Bay Area, but we want to know whats going on with everyone. You can use this blog for just about anything you want. I know there are a lot of us training for a race in September, use this blog to let us know how your training is going. So take some time and look around this site and start posting!!!! Love ya'll! -eugie