Sunday, July 5, 2009

My first ride ever!

So yesterday i nearly died! Papa decided to show me just how much fun riding can taking me up calavaris. Here is how the day started off... getting all the essentials. Okay not too bad i was getting a little nervous though...then we got home and adjusted it so ever thing was just goofing around this was serious business. Next it was time to learn how to clip-in and clip-out...lets just say my left hip hurts and you can't clip-out while your falling. Okay off we go making our way to our first hill...okay not too bad...i can do this. Then it was up down, up down..i started thinking that papa was we got to the second hill...when i got to the top i nearly passed out and i nearly tossed my is this really a sport or some form of torture..ok after about ten minutes we are on our way...we stopped for a quick water refill...and on we go...ok we got about 200 yards away from the so called "wall" and turned around. why can all rides be like going downhill? that was fun. when we finally returned to the fortress we cleaned our torture weapons... and went inside for some good eats...i scarfed that down like i had been imprisoned for a couple months...can't wait for next time!