Sunday, September 30, 2007


I know it was a whirl wind weekend, I hope everyone had good time.

Happy Anniversary to Mom and Dad, thanks for getting married and having us yahoos. Also thanks for letting us celebrate the big day with you.
Big Congrats to Dad and Charlotte for doing the Big Sur race. Everyone is really proud of you guys. Dad you did great and I look forward to running a marathon with you. Also Charlotte tore is up on the 13.1 miles race. She was looking good in her new awesome running gear. I'm really proud of both you!!!! You guys were looking like naturals out there. Charlotte was a little sleepy after the run...this picture was taken about 30 seconds after we got on the car.

Also, I have some pictures of the Ultimate Frisbee game that joshua started. He is truly a fierce competitor and way taller that any of us. Well done josh on being awesome.
For those who don't know Joann just got a new bike. So we look forward to riding with her on the weekend and when she has the time. She is new to the sport so everyone remember what it was like when you first started. Be good to her. When joann took me to the airport we pass a line of art cars. It was weird. Check it out.
Thanks for the great weekend. Also thanks for being so nice to Anna. She had a great time. You guys are the best and I can't wait to see you guys again. Love you! -eugie