Sunday, June 29, 2008


Congrats to Dad and Charlotte

Congrats to Dad and Charlotte for completing their first 100 mile bike ride. You guys are amazing!!! Dad and Charlotte rode very strong for the entire week. Basically they are both animals!!! We are really proud of both of you. HUGE shout out to all the people who supported both riders. Thanks to Mom for driving and being there for all the odd weird things needed or requested, also Josh for taking great pictures we can't wait to upload them on the website, and how could we forget Tami, Tami you are the best and everyone loves your sense of humor. Hopefully we can update this soon so we can see the pictures.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tour of California Crazy Clan Style

Hey Family,

The Gundy's will be raining down on your peaceful lives this week. I (eugie) will be there on Friday morning. The rest of the group comes in on Sunday night. Captain will fly in on Monday evening.

Does everyone have an itinerary? If not let me know. Also change of plans...instead of staying in Reno on Thursday we are going to stay in Sacramento. The flights look better for this preggers there. This is going to be a great party!!! If anyone wants to ride just Monday and Tuesday the rides are local and you don't have to commit to the whole trip (joann).

Also I included a picture of my ever swelling belly. Okay I will see you all on Friday and then the Baby Shower on Saturday. Awesome!!!