Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hamilton - Check

Picture your favorite thing to do on a Saturday morning...maybe it's read the paper - breakfast in bed - cartoons - garage sell shopping or just shopping. Well Daddy-O's ideal Saturday is a 3 hour fun suffer fest. He occasionally enjoys 20 mile forever ever long never stopping climbs. Freak. Yes Dad has finally attempted and slapped the ever looming Hamilton climb...and to our surprise wasn't all the hard...when Dad got to the top he wanted to go all the way into Livermore, but thankfully for me I had Fisher at home who needed to eat desperately, that was my ticket out. Dad will being doing that ride soon...he will go from the house over Hamilton to Livermore and on Calavaras he will come home...it will be an epic day for him...I don't think I will be participating wiht him...but I wish him good luck.Fisher really wanted to go on the ride but he couldn't find a helmet that fit...maybe next time kid.